Life skills development

Cognitive Development

Intellectual development in children is usually characterized by how various mental processes—attention span, understanding information, reasoning, learning, remembering, problem solving and thinking—develop from birth until adulthood.

Prokidsedu programs, such as Coding, Robotics, Game Development programs, can play a key role in helping school-age children develop and enhance their thinking


Coding Courses

Prokidsedu provides everything needed to learn computer programing in a fun way. Best tools are chosen in a way which enhances child’s creativity at its max. 

With block & text-based courses, over 20 types of courses, including most popular coding languages as well as latest technologies, there’s a learning path for every kid no matter their age or level.

Create Apps

Make Website

Minecraft Modding

Program Robots

Build Games

Learn Popular Coding Languages

Curriculum Pathway




Grade 1 -2

Learn to identify code as a language and how to apply algorithms to complete computational tasks. Approaching elements of the problem using programmatic thinking techniques, such as iteration, symbolic representation, and logical operations. Integrating modules that solve separate pieces of the problem into a complete solution.



Scratch Game Development – Level 2

₹7,200.00 ₹8,100.00 /monthly

Scratch Game Development – Level 1

₹7,200.00 ₹8,100.00 /monthly

Little Coders: Beginner

₹7,200.00 ₹8,100.00 /monthly

Little Coders – Animations

₹4,800.00 ₹5,400.00 /monthly
Grade 3 -5

Learn to read, modify and write scripts to change what happens in programs and start transitioning to typing based coding. Identifying, analyzing, and implementing possible solutions, with the goal of achieving the most efficient and effective combination of steps and resources. Understanding the consequences of scale, not only for reasons of efficiency but also for economic and social reasons. Generalizing and transferring this problem-solving process to a wide variety of problems.



Mobile App Development – Level II

₹7,200.00 ₹8,100.00 /monthly

Mobile App Development -Level I

₹7,200.00 ₹8,100.00 /monthly

Robotics I : Coding with micro:bit

₹7,200.00 ₹8,100.00 /monthly

Coding games with Javascript

₹7,100.00 ₹8,200.00 /monthly

My First Website

₹7,200.00 ₹8,100.00 /monthly

Python – Game Development Beginner

₹7,100.00 ₹8,200.00 /monthly

Scratch Coding: Arcade Games

₹7,100.00 ₹8,200.00 /monthly

Scratch Coding: Platformer Games

₹7,100.00 ₹8,200.00 /monthly
Grade 6 - 10

Solidify logical thinking and problem solving skills. Formulating problems in a way that will enable them to use a computer and other tools to help solve them, which includes using abstractions and pattern recognition to represent the problem in new and different ways.



₹7,200.00 ₹8,100.00 /monthly
Web Application Development

Web Application Development II

₹7,100.00 ₹8,200.00 /monthly

Python – Game Development

₹7,100.00 ₹8,200.00 /monthly
Web Application Development 1

Web Application Development I

₹7,100.00 ₹8,200.00 /monthly


₹7,100.00 ₹8,200.00 /monthly


Live the experience


Kids learn coding in an engaging and rewarding environment that utilizes gaming elements

Real-World Skills

Students build grit and develop a growth mindset through coding challenges that prepare them for the 500K+ open computing jobs.

Project-Based Learning

Promote creativity, problem-solving, and confidence in project-based courses where students develop their own games and webpages.
Computers continue to change the world around us. I believe when my son and other children learn to write programs, it stretches their mind and helps them think better. Every week, Rayansh is very excited to attend his mobile apps making class and tell his friends what he created in class!
Mukta Banker
I just wanted to thank you again for the scratch course that Arav just completed. He really loved it and wouldn’t stop talking about it. As a parent, I appreciated the time and personal attention that the teachers spent on him. It was a great experience. Thanks again.
Mukund Enterpreneur
Thank you for inspiring my daughter! This is a hard thing to do. It is also pretty hard to hold her attention, but the instructors at prokidsedu managed to do it. She looked forward to each class and she now wants to try programe games at home. Very impressed!.
PrtScr capture
Ankita Sharma Home Maker
When I ask Atharv how the class is going – he says she loves it and his face really lights up! he has learned a lot of new things and can design games. I am thrilled because the most important thing is for him to enjoy coding and not be intimidated by technology
PrtScr capture_3
Hardik Saxena business

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